Thursday, September 12, 2002

Anvita's taken the day off from work today. Last night she said she might - wasn't feeling too good. This is despite taking some medication that Kumkum Aunty (for Madhu's benefit - that's their Aunt that is a gynecologist) recommended for morning sickness.

Update: I just spoke with her - apparantly she -is- feeling slightly better now, and is having lunch as I type this. :-)
An addendum to the McDonald's night: we got there pretty late - they had started wrapping stuff up and all, and seemed as though they were going to close in half an hour or so. So there weren't many people. Just the two of us and two guys that were very loud, and (I realized later) very drunk. I guess they got the munchies and wanted to grab something to eat before the place closed.

It was strange for me. I'm not a possessive person, but I think I am kinda protective. Being alone upstairs at McDonald's with my pregnant wife and these two drunk guys in the corner made the protective instinct kick in like crazy. I felt like a commando or something watching an enemy and waiting to see if he'd make a move. Subconciously I was measuring the distance to the door, figuring out how I'd stand up (if they tried anything), where I'd position myself keeping myself between Anvita and them while allowing her free passage to the exit...

Weird. heh.
Back to what I was saying before - pukey and hungry at the same time... That must feel so weird. The other night she had like half a dinner, and then ran from the table, only to puke it all up. I gave her some water to drink, finished dinner and then asked her if I could do something to make her feel better. She wanted to go for a walk, so we changed into sneakers and went down to the little park near home and walked for 20 minutes or so. I guess the cool air and exercise helped, because then she wanted to go grab a bite to eat. We talked about it a bit, and she thought she'd be able to keep McDonald's down. So we got in the car, I called Dad to let him know (so he wouldn't wonder there the hell we disappeared to!) and we went across to Green Park McDonald's.

She ate like a horse. And kept it all in.
It's disconcerting in some ways watching your wife go through morning sickness (which, incidentally, I didn't know is misnammed - the damn thing happens in the middle of the night all too often. Apparantly it's rare for morning sickness to actually happen in the morning!). She feels nauseous (sp?) and hungry at the same time. How weird must that be? I try really hard to understand and actually -feel- what she's going through, but being male, I guess I have a limit to how much I can really understand. She isn't even a month pregnant as yet - hell, going to doctor for confirmation that she is pregnant tomorrow (though I don't have a doubt at all), and already I'm wondering how she'll go through it all. Surely we can't be in for nine months of this!!!