Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Well we went crazy buying junkfood yesterday. I think we filled the basket.

Anvita hasn't puked for two days I think! Though she is still perpetually nauseous.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

True to resolve, I've been a lot better at picking her up after work. Today I showed up with a box of Pizza flavoured Pringles, and she munched em down like a little kid all the way home! I wonder if she's kept them in. Probably better if she hasn't, because then she'll keep her dinner in.

What did we talk and think about before this???

The affect on our lives is already evident. A typical day... After I pick her up from work, we either head home directly or stop off somewhere for a nibble because she's usually hungry at that time - often some soup or something light like that. If we do stop somewhere, then I usually head home with her, otherwise I tend to drop her off and get back to office for a few hours in the evening. She eats her first (light) dinner at sometime near 8:00 or 8:30, and usually manages to keep that down. When I get back at around 10:00, we have another dinner together - this is usually Dinner..i.e. everyone eats at this time, and she usually has a heavier meal. This is the tricky one. If she can keep this one down, then we have a nice easy night's rest. If not, then the two of us usually wind up coming back downstairs for my second and her third dinner anywhere between 11:00 and 12:30. This is the killer, because we rustle up something to eat, then sit in front of the TV, and wouldn't-ya-know-it the best damn shows are on at that time - so we wind up watching the idiot box till about 1:30 and then flip out because it's so late, and make our way upstairs to bed.

And intevitably I've asked Papa to wake me up at 5:30...so after sleeping at something like 2:00am, we get woken up every hour, on the hour, from 5:30 onwards, until I finally crawl my way out of bed, stumble downstairs, realize I left my glasses upstairs, say 'fuck it', pour a cup of tea, head over to the sofa with the Hindustan Times, and fall asleep behind the newspaper while my tea gets cold on the corner table.

Around 8:00 she'll come down, showered and dressed, throw together a quick something for lunch, grab a toast and glass of milk for breakfast, and whizz off out the door to get to work by 9:00. Then I'll get showered and dressed, and try to reach work before she does - something I occasionally do manage to accomplish...only because my office is a 2 minute walk from home.

She usually calls around 10:00 and asks 'What time did you get in?' I feel pretty smug when I can say 'Oh..about 8:45 or so' We chat for a bit, admit how much we're missing each other and then get back to work.

Then we talk around 4:00 and she's feeling sick. I tell her to leave early, and she says she doesn't want to today, but states with great resolve that if she's not feeling good at that time tomorrow, she'll definately leave! She reminds me that she wants to be picked up exactly at 6:00 so I have to leave on time.

At about 5:30 I leave to pick her up.

Hmm...I wonder why it felt so natural to start that chronology from the evening...???

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Oh...heheh get this. We did discover that a couple brands of soap and shampoo make her sick. Naturally, the first thing we did was go through the bathrooms and kitchen and chuck em all out. Turns out though that we left one small bar in the downstairs bathroom. So after my shower last night, I went upstairs to towel off and get changed...yes, you guessed it..I walked into the room, and she started puking!!!

So I wound up covering myself with her favorite deoderant (I thought I smelled pretty sexy - even if I say so myself!), hanging out downstairs in the TV room for an hour before daring to venture upstairs again!
Anvita does get weepy sometimes for no reason. It's difficult to -not- get annoyed or lose patience, but so far I think I've been quite successful. The amount of love she has for me is just staggering. She misses me when I'm at work, thinks of me when she's sick... it's really amazing.

I think she needs my occassional prod to make sure she's taking her vitamins and doing her exercises and all... I haven't been too good with that kind of thing. I need to be more proactive - I often remember in the evening and ask if she did, but I think I need to sit with her, set up a schedule, and remind her when it is time to actually do those things.

Gotta bless Shiv Nanda for that off-the-cuff remark - I've never forgotten it. 'You can be reactive or proactive about anything in life'.

Think I really need to stabilize my working hours into some kind of schedule. The last few weeks have been rather hectic at office, and more often than not, Papa has been dropping her to work, and picking her up. She's ok with being dropped (again, that unconditional love kicking in - "he's tired, he should rest") off in the morning, but I think it means a lot to her if I pick her up after work personally. To do that, I need to sort my day out better.

Also I absolutely need to spend more time at Noida. I'm thinking I should get up really early, go for a walk/exercise kinda deal, get a couple of hours in at office, head across to Noida for the morning, and get back to office after lunch. Work through till 5:30, and then leave to pick her up. I also think thereafter I should be at home - I can work off the laptop.

Now there's an idea - actually use the office at home!!!

Monday, October 07, 2002

Anvita's starting *crosses fingers* to feel slightly better of late. Hopefully this will continue, and then we can say that the books were true! They all seem to agree that morning sickness usually ends after the first trimester. Note the usage of the word usually. heh. Cover yer ass!

Friday, October 04, 2002

Picked up Sharan from the airport yesterday afternoon. I hadn't seen her for 8 years, and she walked by us at the airport. I told Anvita 'hey, I think that's her' and went chasing after her to check. It was. Funny situation.

The two of them seem to be getting along. Even bonding. They agree that I have a weird streak, whatever that means. Me, weird? Hmm... Sharan experienced being around pregnancy while her sister was expecting both her kids, so seems quite sensitized to the issues. She really seemed to be concerned about Anvita's comfort. That's nice, I hope they get along. Sharan did an awful lot for me when I was in college.

I thought that there might be some sense of nostalgia (an eeny weeny bit) on meeting her, but there was nothing at all. Lots of affection. Friendship. She pales into insignificance when compared to Anvita. I'm so happy to be married to the woman I love. The woman who's having my kid. Holy shmoly, I'm gonna have a kid!??!

How whacked is that?

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

It's been a few weeks since I posted. She's still regularly nauseous...my heart goes out to her. And it's still unbelieveable how she's nauseous and hungry at the same time. "Oh I feel pukish...Hey baby, you want to go to Subway for dinner?" *heh* She pukes about two or three times a day I think. Imagine that for over two months now...

No real patterns of nausea are emerging. All the books say that there usually are some patterns, even if not always accurate. But this just seems at random. Actually, no, there is one pattern. If she lets herself get hungry, she gets sick. So basically, she keeps eating! Cuz she gets hungry like an hour after a full meal! She has started gaining weight now...says 5 pounds or so. On her frame, that shows!

Books are right about one thing. Your entire day, all your conversations etc are full of baby talk and pregnancy talk. You wonder wtf you ever talked about before.

People are starting to guess at her workplace. "Man, you eat so much, one would think you're expecting!" Apparantly they also keep eating out of her snack box! All our friends and family know now. The -close- extended family know as well...her aunts etc, grandmother...my masi's family..

Her second gynie visit is due this week. I can't wait to see the first ultrasound.

There's no real sense as yet of a life being created inside her. Even less of any 'bonding' with that life. All my concerns and fears and stuff are still about her. Books say that's natural. May last till even when the baby's born. Talking to Gagan the other day confirmed that. He said he didn't feel anything for Ananya till a few months after she was born, and even at the hospital, when someone showed him his daughter, all he had in his head was "Shit, I hope Natasha's ok".

I'm increasingly becoming aware of how much I need to get back into shape. This isn't related with the pregnancy (I don't think), but is something I'm thinking about alot these days, so it's found it's way into this blog. This feeling gets enhanced when I see Pavan and Ajit, who over the last few months have been running, working out etc, and are now reaping the benefits. I think I need to work at this now!