Saturday, December 21, 2002

Continuing as per previous post. Occassional nausea, kicks and movement getting stronger and increasing in frequency. I really should start posting pictures here. Hell, I really should start -taking- pictures! Need to buy a camcorder or something. I should make a list of things that I need to get, and put dates on them. How much does a camcorder cost? How much will the nursing home cost? How much will be reimbursed by mediclaim, and how much by Anvita's company? Need to check all that stuff out and figure out the finances. This kid is coming, whether we're ready or not. I intend to make sure we're ready!

Monday, December 16, 2002

Another three weeks down the line... I'm getting worse and worse with staying updated here. -mentally pulls up his socks- Well the big news is that the first punches and kicks are now making Anvita alternate between giggling, being moody, and having cramps. If it isn't one thing, it is another. I can't believe how much women have to go through to have kids. Figures that a mother's love is so pure and unselfish.

We got to see the other side of the coin yesterday. Anvita's office friends had arranged for this picnic at the creatively named 'Picnic Huts' near the Qutab Minar. Including us, there were 5 couples. One is planning to have kids sometime next year, two (including us) expecting, and the other two with kids less than 2 months old (and one with a 4 or 5 year old son). So naturally, the conversation revolved around kids. Most of the activities revolved around gurgling and playing with the infants, or trying to make them stop crying. Or of course controlling the little runt running all over the place and driving us insane. It was really pretty crazy, and Anvita and I looked at each other and were like "Oh shit....what we're going through right now is the EASY part!"

I am filled with a curious mixture of anticipation, hope, dread, excitement and trepidation at the certainty of the the 10th of May drawing closer and closer. It's almost as though the kid in her stomach is saying 'Here I come, ready or not' and we're like 'wait, wait! We're not ready yet!!!'

Heady stuff...

Nausea is definately gone, though it does kick in once every couple of weeks. She's forgotten to take her anti-nausea medicine a few times, and hasn't even noticed. I think she's stopped taking it completely now. Hmm. I should check with her. She's starting to get backpain more than she used to, and her feet swell up by the evenings. I give her massages occasionally. I should actually do that more than I do. -resolves to be better about that-