Saturday, February 15, 2003

Back from Dehradun - a hectic and really busy trip, but the upside is that I came back with 50% advance payment for the RIMC annual book. We're almost finished with the layout and stuff - they like a style that is so unlike anything we've ever done. I can't believe that we're actually trying to design poorly because the client likes it that way. Somewhere in this is a lesson to be learned. But I don't have the energy to think about it right now.

It was weird driving up this time. For the first time, I didn't go over 90 the entire way there. All I could think about was my pregnant wife at home, and how devastating it would be if anything happened to me. This is actually becoming a recurring theme. I find myself being far more cautious and protective of myself (physically) because the stakes are going up. I keep thinking 'What if something happens to me?'. Is this what life is going to be like now? Not saying that is good or bad, just wondering. There's a lesson to be learned somewhere in there as well. But again, I don't have the energy to be soul searching at the moment.

I'm pretty exhausted actually, and I need to go pick Anvita up from her parents house (finally!!! whee!), then we have to go to Ajit's for lunch (anniversary thing), and THEN we'll head home, and I'll catch some rest.

This is what happens when you party the night before you have to drive from Dehradun to Delhi, AND leave on schedule, dot on 4:00am (For the record: we had an open road all the way down - I stuck at 100 the whole way, and we were home at 8:15. Good stuff.)

The next week is going to be quite hectic. We have several deadlines approaching. RIMC, Quadrangle, Jared ad (yes, Madhu, we are on it!!!), Star Worldwide presentation, GE transcription....and in there somewhere I STILL need to finish that damn website.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Haven't posted for a couple of days ...Anvita's at her parent's place for a couple of weeks, and so I haven't been with her. Went out for a cup of coffee yesterday. I was near her office and called her. Convinced her to leave an hour early, and we hung out for a bit. I miss her!!! She doesn't look like she's gained any weight - looks just the same, though everyone says the rate of increase will accelerate.

I may need to go to Dehradun again this weekend.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Back from Dehradun and the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) the day before yesterday. A hectic trip that has had hectic reprecussions. I'm surprised at the apparent level of disfunctionalism there - this is the feeding school for the Indian Armed Forces, a school that sends 99% of it's graduates to the Indian Military Academy, from where they go on to join the Army, Navy or Airforce as officers. You'd think they'd be better at communication! An interesting institute with strong traditions and heritage though. It is so different doing business with them than it is with Woodstock!

Anvita took advantage of the fact that I was away and (finally - I've been trying to get her to do this for a while) has gone to her parents place for a couple of weeks. I remember someone telling me that all pregant women like to be pampered by their mothers for a while. I think she'll enjoy her time there. I miss her like hell though!

I'm heading over to their place for dinner tonight actually. I was hoping to finish the website this weekend, but between dinner tonight, and Mom's Food Festival tomorrow, I doubt I'll get much done. I also wanted to set up some stuff for the MUD, but I don't think that will happen either.

I miss Anvita, but it's also nice to have a break. I promised myself that I'd never let her moods get to me, at least for the duration of this pregnancy, and I've been largely successful, except for one incident last week - I think we both needed a couple of weeks space from each other!!! I've been annoying her a lot as well. Apparantly anyway... -heh-

Pavan called earlier and is very eager that I swing by for a couple of drinks after I'm done with dinner, but I don't see that happening either. He was like 'hey, you're a bachelor for a while, come on over!' Lets see...