Sunday, November 24, 2002

Almost three weeks since I posted. We saw the first ultrasound - it's really quite amazing. For me, it was the first time that it actually got embellished that Anvita has new life growing inside her. We saw the baby - arms, legs, body, head. Saw its (his/her? who knows) heart beating, saw it kicking around - constant motion, the lil critter doesn't sit still!!! We both want to know if it is a boy or a girl - not that it makes an iota of a difference - but that is illegal here because of female infanticide - I can' t imagine how someone could do that after seeing the ultrasound. People have differing realities I guess. So anyway, we don't know. But I suspect it's a boy cuz in the ultrasound there was a little stubby thing between its legs!!!

Heh...lets see.

Anvita's nausea is better now. She pukes maybe once every 3 or 4 days. Increasingly tired though, and her back has started aching more often. She's still very irritable and moody.

We went over to her parents place (after a long time - couple of months), last week. She went in the morning, and I joined them for dinner. Apparantly she'd been irritable and fighting with everyone all day! I got there and Anvita was alone watching TV, Mitika was in her room, and their parents were in their room! Made me laugh because I walked in and without talking to anyone, knew exactly what had been going on!

Mom and Anvita are getting along really well. They clearly both understand one another a lot better now. Anvita was even looking for a small present for mom yesterday! It is really nice to see them laughing together.

Life is such a miracle. There's a bitch (as in a female dog!) near my office that has just delivered a litter, and I actually have a sense of empathy - I should send down some milk and bread and stuff for her. She doesn't look like she's very up on life right now, and I can imagine her nipples are sore, she's tired and irritable, back hurts... Life really is a miracle.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Been a while since my last post. Diwali came and went, still nauseous, less actual puking. We had the crew over for dinner and drinks on 'Choti Diwali' (Sunday 3rd November). I tried to make it so both Anvita and Mom did as little running around as possible, and to some degree succeeded, but by the end of the day both of them were exhausted. I guess that had to happen though.

It was a nice evening though. Mellower than usual, but nice. We had some caterers come in and make barbequed chicken, sausages, potatoes and paneer. Bonfire, booze. Lots of things to eat. It was a semi-potluck kinda deal, with people bringing something or the other.

Anvita did get to hang out upstairs with everyone more than she usually does, and that was nice. Usually she's running around like a lunatic trying to keep things organized. This time we did most of the organization in advance, so everything was much smoother than usual.

Amar got really tired by the end of it. And had to help clean up the next day, so I gave him today off, and he's visiting with his relatives in Gurgaon. He's a good guy and works hard.

Office today is very slow. The whole country is recovering from Diwali extravaganzas, and we have the benefit of (for a change) not hearing the phone ring constantly. Shahid and I are spending an easy day catching up with paperwork and enjoying the slow pace. Sree's off on leave to collect his wife from Kerala, and Amar, as I said is in Gurgaon.

Just spoke with Anvita. She's tired but good. Conversely, hectic pace at her office apparantly, and her weekend has got shot to shit. She's got full day trainings scheduled on Saturday, Sunday and Monday! ouch!

The books are saying that it's time we start talking to the baby (in the womb). I feel really weird doing that, and wind up making strange noises and stuff. Wonder if I'm scaring the daylights out of my kid before (s)he's born! What are you supposed to say? I have no clue. Anvita seems to do fine though - I guess that's a mom's instinct. So I just make funny noises and stuff in the hope that my child will start recognizing my voice.

We've also got this CD of classical music that is supposed to give the baby peaceful vibes. I wonder how much of that is about the music itself and how much is just about a mother being relaxed and calm.