Sunday, January 19, 2003

Had a visit with the gynecologist yesterday. All systems normal. One statistic stood out: Anvita's pre-pregnancy bodyweight was 47kg (103lbs), and is now 57kg (125lbs). She's increased her bodyweight by 20%!!! That's insane. No wonder her back is always hurting.

The NYC party is here - they're doing the far east tour this time. I'd like to do that when we reach their age - travel around, and literally see the whole world. They've touched every continent now except Africa (well as tourists anyway - we all lived there for many years). Last year they did China and some of the former USSR states. I think they're planning Egypt next year.

We spent a nice relaxed evening at home with them yesterday. I think there's a dinner planned tonight at the ISKON temple restaurant - that is such a weird concept. There's this immense temple at Garhi (near East of Kailash) and they have a restaurant there! It's actually quite nice - the food is clean and tastes home made. The service is good too. I think mom and dad want to show them it. Reminder to self: Take Madhu and Jared there too.

Being Sunday, and with the RIMC deadline fast approaching, I have had a full day at office - with complete staff in attendance. Mom and dad have been out with Praful uncle and Madhuri aunty, and Anvita's been alternating between playing yahoo games on my laptop and sitting in the sun. I'm busy trying to wrap up our website makeover, and Sree and Shahid are working on RIMC.

Nice to spend the day with Anvita - don't get to do it all that often.

Friday, January 17, 2003

Ok, safe to say the nausea is back, though not as intense as before. She's taking her anti nausea medication again and that's making her feel better.

The other day I made her laugh while driving back home (after work), and when we were just round the corner from home, she suddenly looked really ill - I pulled over and she started being sick on the sidewalk! It was funny - it was actually just down the lane from home, so people recognized us, and passers-by were looking at us and wondering what was going on. One lady came up to her and asked if she was ok. Women bond instantaneously - Anvita just said 'No, thank you, I live just down the road. It's just morning sickness' and I could see understanding and complete empathy in the lady's eyes. She just smiled and asked if Anvita wanted a glass of water.

Rakesh and Negar finally got married today - after some 5 years of dating, and he being unsure, then her being unsure, they finally decided to just go do it. Didn't call any of us even! Just went to the temple in the morning and got married. Then in the evening went to the mosque, and got married (He's Hindu, she's Muslim). They've invited us out for dinner - depending on how Anvita's feeling, we'll go.

We're actually also supposed to go to this rip roaring evening at Astri's place - she's denying it, but I'm sure that she's celebrating something - there's a dj and all. Hmm. I wonder if Les asked her to marry him. Should take flowers. If we go.

Speaking of going, I gotta head home and see how everyone's doing. Praful Uncle and Madhoori Aunty are coming tomorrow from New York.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Everyday, there are many occasions when I think 'Oh, I must remember to blog that', but when I get to actually doing it, I clean forget what I was meaning to talk about.

I showed Chad (from DR) this blog today and he had a brilliant idea. Turn it into one of those little books (aka Life's Little Instruction Book) and gift it to Anvita right after the baby is born. I'd better start thinking layout and stuff - good idea! I'm getting faced with this issue for the first I make the book pink or blue?


I guess the design brief will have to state 'Color scheme: pastel blues and pink'.

I've noticed Anvita getting more obsessive with small things. Today after dinner she started fiddling with the dishes in the sink, and despite my asking her repeatedly what she wanted to do, and my telling her to tell me so I could do it and she could relax, she didn't say anything, kept getting irritated, and finally, the net result of 15 minutes in front of the sink was that the dirty dishes had been moved around the sink a couple of times, and had come to rest pretty well where they had been to start with.

She seemed to feel better after that though.

I wonder what it must be like to be a 5 month pregnant woman. Her hormones must be doing all kinds of weird things with her head. Add that to being tired, having bloated feet, feeling unattractive, having a backache and dealing with a pestering husband, and you get one pretty crazy woman.

We have it really easy. I don't think any man alive would be able to go through pregnancy and still smile up at his partner with unconditional love at the end of the day and say 'Hey baby, I love you'. Damn we have it easy.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy New Year and all that stuff.

Anvita's had her only taste of alcohol during this pregnancy. Half a Bacardi Breezer last weekend at Farah and Shashank's place, and half a glass of wine at Sid's New Year party last night.

For the first time since I've known her, she didn't want to dance on new year's eve! Good, cuz I didn't really wanna either. So we just hung out. It was nice. I had an awful lot to drink and woke up with a wanging headache!

Odd actually. We know that such small amounts of alcohol will do absolutely NOTHING to harm the kid, but we still both worry about it. I guess you do get superstitious and stuff when you have children. I got tearful last night when someone reminded me that I was gonna be a dad this year.

We took the camera with us last night. Forgot to take pics. Forgot the camera there.